Tuesday, January 18, 2011

SHOT 2011 Day 2 (er, Day 1...)

Media Day doesn't count.  Anyway, more linkage!  (Wish I was there...)

Gun Nuts Media continues the fun with some Kriss SMG video fun.

Colt 1911 Anniversary Line

Kriss is now importing the Sphinx line of pistols (no word if Col. Hunter Gatherers approves)

Factory Ruger 22/45 threaded rail farm.  (Ok, it's not that bad, probably about time.)  Taurus couldn't stop at one shark, so they're jumping a whole tank full (I'll be watching for the 10ga. version next year...)

Ultimate cool: .308 rifle in a briefcase.

Noveske M249 in .300BLK.

Guns America sums up Media Day.

Kit Up has some more videos up from the last couple days- Surefire mags, Gerber helmet light, and a hydration system cooler deally.

Para 14-45 Tactical (I really like the idea of a railed double stack 1911.  I'm sure that'll offend somebody though.)

Quite a lot of stuff over at Guns Holsters and Gear as well.

Cali Ammo Ban Shot Down

Good to hear.


It is actually here – consider this S&W’s apology for the Governor!
Ha.  Thankfully, it's the same dimensions as the M&P9/40, so it should be fantastic for training.

Arc'Teryx Rigger's Belt

As some of you may recall, I'm a fan of Rigger's Belts.  Arc'Teryx has released a new one that looks pretty sweet.  Although it may be a little too big to run through belt loops, it looks like it would make a decent gun belt, and may be a little more comfortable in a load-bearing situation.

Plus it's going to be available in Multicam, so bonus cool points.

2 years...

2 years ago I was having a very boring night at work, and with all the stuff going on with SHOT, I decided to start a gun blog.  Hard to believe it's been two years already, and at the same time, it seems like forever (and in internet years, it practically is!)

I kind of feel like I should make cupcakes or something.  With little guns on them...