Sunday, February 21, 2010

More Shotgun Mussings

Not really another rambling about the use of them, but I'm thinking about tracking down a relatively cheap semi auto 12 gauge for three gun and the like. The Mossberg 930spx has most, if not all, of the features I'm looking for, but the safety location bugs me. I have a 590A1, and with a pistol grip stock, the safety is dang near unusable. I'm thinking of perhaps a Remington 1100 with a 20"ish barrel and ghost ring sights, but I am a poor college student after all, so price is a bit of a factor. Any thoughts?

Coffee Houses and Being a Coffee Snob

So I went to Starbucks earlier to show my thanks, and to be reminded that their coffee is still (no offense) mediocre and overpriced. Bland with a noticeable aftertaste. And their internet is less than easily accessible. I guess you have to buy some card and start an account, something I don't want to do, especially since I don't go there often. (This is only the third time I can think of ever going there)

So after a cup and a couple chapters of John Carter's adventures, I find myself once again at the hippy hideout, er Emy J's. Unfortunately, I'm inside a magic school bubble, so the Sig's in the trunk, but the coffee tastes better and I can get the internet without registering with them. Is it bad that I sacrifice a little bit of personal safety for a better cup of coffee?