Thursday, August 12, 2010

More from Jackson County

It looks as if Jackson County Corporate Counsel Mark Skolos is pushing for authorization from the County Board to prosecute the weapons cases DA Fox won't.

It looks like it may force Van Hollen to commit to an opinion, and given his past leanings I'm pretty optimistic.

There's also a couple opinion letters to the Jackson County Chronicle in support of Fox's decision.  Always a welcome sight.

EDC Kinives

I guess it's that time of the year again, The Munchkin Wrangler wrote a post about his, Tam linked to it, and it made me realize I've never mentioned mine on here.

I'm sure most of you have had moments where somebody has had the "why do you need a knife?" moment, although I can't actually say I have.  I guess the kind of people I surround myself with fully expect it (hell, it's one of the first things my boss tells a knew hire they should have when at work, that and a pen) and I do kind of have the rep of being that kind of guy.

Much like Marco, I've been rocking the Kershaw wares for a few years now.  I picked up a half serrated Kershaw Leek a while back to replace a Gerber Air Ranger that mysteriously grew some legs and walked off (some boy scouts are less than trustworthy apparently.) The Gerber was great, super-lightweight and sharp, and held an edge fantastically, but they've been long discontinued.  The Leek is almost as light, and the assisted opening is all sorts of awesome, especially the last few summers when I was teaching rock climbing.

Since then I've picked up a black, non-serrated one.  The black is less obtrusive when I'm in my work clothes, and the straight edge gets snagged up in stuff a lot less.  I still prefer the serrated one for climbing, as serrations will get through a rope much faster and easier, but for just cutting stuff the straight edge is better in my opinion.

The finish also makes the black one a tiny bit more grippy, my only real complaint about the design.  On the other hand, I've never had any grip issues with it anyway, and it doesn't bring half my pocket out along with it.  It's also incredibly durable, the only real wear marks are along the edges of the pocket clip where I tend to bump into stuff (I'm big and a little clumsy, deal with it.) and that's after a year of carrying it daily.  I don't baby my pocket knives either.

Of course another great thing about Kershaw knives is the last little bit of that blade mark...

Far too many knives these days say China or something similar there.

The Leek is still super-light too, mine weighing a whopping 3.04 oz.  If I forget it in the morning I won't realize until I reach for it (and then feel naked until I get home...)  It's also great at holding an edge, I think I've only gone over it with a stone once since I've bought it.

The other great thing is that the design fits with pretty much any outfit I'd ever wear, anything between jeans and a tux.  Ken Onion knows how to design a good looking knife.

All that for about $50, I'd say it's a damn fine knife.

1911 Facelift inbound

I ordered a set of the "Tiger Stripe" G10 Operator's II panels from VZ grips, will definitely be posting pics and thoughts when they show up.  I ended up going with the Tiger Stripe color partially because it seemed to get the most votes (here and in talking to people) and it looks like the Hyena Brown are all out anyway, so kind of a default win.

Wolf extra power extractor spring is on it's way as well, as I feel the heathenistic external extractor could use a little boost.  Need to pick up some more Wilson Mags and some decent single mag holders too.

ETA: Got shipping notice this morning too! Great turn around.