Friday, March 18, 2011

1911 the Official Utah State Firearm

Until this week, Utah had 24 state symbols, from tree (the blue spruce) to insect (the honeybee) to even cooking pot (the Dutch oven).  Now it's added an official state firearm -- the John M. Browning-designed M1911 pistol, becoming the first state in the nation to have one, according to the state legislator who sponsored the law.  Utah Gov. Gary Herbert signed the new symbol into law this week.

"Always Have a Knife"

Robb Allen is finally learning the lesson my Grandfather taught me nearly 20 years ago, the title of this post.  I can forget my phone or wallet at home, and it's a mild inconvenience, but I feel naked if I don't have my pocket knife.  Needless to say, I hate flying (how am I supposed to open the dang peanuts!)

There's just too many reasons to carry a good pocket knife.

Die Snow...

I had to drive a couple dozen miles to the next town north for a dental exam (apparently the DOD doesn't contract any of the dozen or so dentists in town...) and between the warm-ish temperatures and light rain, all the vast fields of snow were generating some pretty impressive banks of fog.

It made interstate driving kind of suck, but seeing the steam rising up off the snow made me think of the snow's soul rising up from it's melting body, and I'm rather ok with the idea.

On a side note, since I was close, I ducked into Gander Mountain to drool (being effectively broke, I wasn't in any real danger.)  They had a basic black ACR there, and the guy behind the counter didn't even know what it was, and they had the front sight mounted backwards, but it was a lot lighter than I expected.  The price tag made me laugh though.  Also fondled a S&W .380 Bodyguard.  If I do decide to pick up a tiny .380, that'll probably be the one, it felt pretty good in my hands, and has the full compliment of pistol controls, and the laser is a fantastic idea on a tiny gun with tiny sights like that.

Chinese QLZ-87

I kind of like it.  Looks pretty BA.  And full-auto grenade launching is always fun.

Warp Speed 5 Captain!

Is not the speed to reholster in.  Caleb talks about the importance of holsters, and most importantly, why "speed reholstering" is bad.

He also touches on the concept of the "hard stop" after shooting.  It's a good idea, and I think including a "search and assess" in with that is a good habit to get into.