Friday, February 5, 2010

Girls and Guns

A nice little gallery from Life Magazine.

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Pretty cool IMHO.

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Range report forthcoming.

This story is relevant to my blogs...

Although I'm not a huge fan of Starbucks for the most part. (They tend to be out of my way, and the coffee's nothing special.)
But apparently the Brady Campaign is so hard up for stuff to do, that they're trying to petition Starbucks to ban open carry in their coffee shops. If they some how manage to pull this off (hah), then Caleb needs to start offering classes to die-hard Starbucks fans.
Unfortunately my preferred off campus coffee establishment is within a magical 1000ft. bubble of a middle school, so I can't carry there, despite the fun that it could be (it's a rather hippy-ish place, see prior posts). I could start making a pit stop at the Starbucks over by Walmart when I go shopping though.
Sometimes I wish the Brady Campaign would just curl up and die, but every so often they make me laugh...

(H/T to The Shoulder That Goes Up, via ENDO)