Sunday, January 10, 2010

Pros & Cons of .22lr Handgun Training


My primary shooting buddy and myself have been big advocates of .22lr trainers for a while now. Cheap ammo = more trigger time, and more trigger time is always good.

I definitely agree with mention of not using .22lr handguns for multiple shots on the same target though, I can double-tap with my P22 like a mofo, and that has lead to some frustrating range sessions with the 45.

Another key point in the article is the mention of a new S&W M&P pistol in .22lr. I hope this is true and not a missunderstanding with the rifle. The P22 is fun, but I need something full size with more holster options and not the price of a Sig 226 in .22lr.

(H/T SayUncle)

Will be watching with much interest.

Wisconsin Carry, Inc. files federal lawsuit challenging Wisconsin's (GFSZA)

On January 8th 2010 Wisconsin Carry, Inc. filed a lawsuit in Federal Court to challenge the constitutionality of Wisconsin's onerous Gun Free School Zone Act.

Wisconsin's Gun Free School Zone Act (GFSZA), which was modeled on the federal Gun-Free School Zone Act of 1990, prohibits the possession or shooting of a firearm within a school zone. It defines a school zone as in the school building, the school grounds, and the area within 1000 feet of the school grounds. The Federal GFSZA was struck down as unconstitutional in 1995. Wisconsin's GFSZA remains.

In 1998 79% of the voters in the great state of Wisconsin voted Article 1 Section 25 into our state constitution. "The people have the right to keep and bear arms for security, defense, hunting, recreation or any other lawful purpose". The Constitutions of the United States and Wisconsin guarantee the right of individuals to keep and bear arms; and as the United States Supreme Court held in the DC gun ban case, DC v. Heller, "bear" means "carry." Wisconsin’s Gun Free School Zone Act covers such a broad area that it practically forecloses a meaningful right to keep and bear arms in large parts of the state. It is an onerous restriction that has the potential to ensnare thousands of law-abiding citizens exercising their constitutionally guaranteed rights and expose them to felony charges. Wisconsin's GFSZ Act places someone who was innocently walking their dog around their subdivision at night while armed in danger of felony charges if they should happen to cross these invisible school zones which extend nearly a quarter mile out from the edge of school property and many properties that are not identified as schools!

More than 2000 people have signed our online petition calling on the Governor and Legislature to repeal this law.

Wisconsin Carry is a non-profit corporation dedicated to the preservation and reclamation of the basic rights critical to a free society. Our membership believes in the founding principles of our country and our constitution: That all are created equal, that governments exist to protect the rights of individuals, and that governments derive their power from the consent of the governed. Our mission is to preserve, advance and expand these basic rights which law-abiding citizens are entitled to have a practical ability to exercise.

A copy of the Federal Lawsuit can be viewed here
Wisconsin Carry, Inc.'s Website is

I've posted the link to the petition here before. Glad to see it's making some progress. Hopefully this is one of the first steps to becoming a 2nd Amendment friendly state.

Anti-gunners and their violence.

The gun blogosphere is slowly being covered with links to this , a blog post in which a lady says some not so gun friendly stuff, gunny types respond, feelings are hurt, and the lady's husband comes in to save the day and threaten to punch gun people in the face. I'm using nicer language, but you get the idea.

I figured I'd throw in my 2 cents, plus throw in another gun friendly place linking to it for good measure. (plus it's slow as hell at work...)
Aside from the crap-tastic ideas thrown around in the original post, the comments just get to be a whole riot of fun. The writer claims to be a lawyer, someone paid to be good at debate, yet her responses to the thought out and backed up comments from a particular pro-gun reader seem to lead down a straight and narrow road of back-peddling and name calling. If I was paying her to represent me in court, and her first rebuttal broke down into screaming and dropping f-bombs, I'd be asking for a refund. Maybe she just chooses to keep work and her blog separate, but with a name like "southern female lawyer" you'd think she'd take some professional pride in her ability to argue.

But the fun really starts when her gallant husband comes charging to the rescue.

You, however, have demonstrated considerable irresponsibility in your arguments and in your personal attacks on this blogger, who also happens to be my wife. Send me your home address and I’ll come to your house and punch your fucking face in. Unless you are a pussy who can’t fight without a gun in his hand.
(comment #22)

Does he come running to defend her in the court room when somebody disagrees with her? From what other people have found on the guy, he probably doesn't have much else to do. (I do like Caleb's poster)I can see a failed musician/politician sitting around with nothing better to do.

But some people can't help but fan the flames. Seems Rob's got himself a blog too. Since one time wasn't enough, he'll punch your face there too.

In several of my comments, I made derogatory remarks directed at the trolls. I said some nasty stuff. Some colorful language was used. I stand by that language. I also stand by my offer to face them one on one and punch these idiots in their faces. That’s how I roll.

When I was in 5th grade, there was a kid on my bus who was in 6th grade, pretty big, and willing to punch people in the face for stupid reasons. You know, the classic bully. After about a week straight of him picking on my little sister every morning, I ambushed the guy as everybody was coming in from recess and gave him a nice bloody nose. I used an ambush tactic because he had me by a good 30 pounds (I was a skinny kid). He sure left my sister alone after that. My dad happened to be substitute teaching at my school that day as well, leading to a very quick meeting with the principal. He told him flat out that I'd enjoy the two day vacation(suspension) I earned. That's how we roll around here.