Wednesday, June 9, 2010

1941 Lithgow SMLE

Pulled down one of my Enfields and took some pictures.  1941 Lithgow No.1 MkIII, with a Sanders 1907 pattern bayonet, an imposing piece of steel to be sure. I can only imagine what the rifle experienced over it's lifetime, and the bayonet would have an even more amazing story I'd bet.  I picked it up, along with few others, from a bazaar in Afghanistan.  Needless to say, I'd bet it got around.

15 Things Worth Knowing About Coffee

From The Oatmeal.


Nothing's really jumping out at me to talk about today, and it's the first day in like a week where it's relatively warm and not raining, so I'm going to put the boat on top of the car and head to a lake.  The wind is gusting pretty well, but meh.

Might get some motivation to take some pictures or something later though.