Monday, July 5, 2010


Don't worry... checking something.

Nose Art...

So I think I'm going to get crackin' on finishing up the second Valkyrie for my long-term Air Mobil Imperial Guard project, and I need to find some good nose art for it.  I decided a while ago that my Valks will all have pretty girls on them, and the Vultures (fills the Apache roll in the 40k world...) will get sharks teeth.

Here's the piece on my first Valkyrie-

I've been poking around for a bit, but nothing on the interwebs has really jumped out at me like that one did.  Anybody got any ideas for me?

And the rain keeps coming...

The stuff hasn't let up from last night, so the range trip is in that grey area of "maybe" in hopes of the radar not lying and the stuff letting up in a couple hours.

So I'm sitting in the usual coffee shop trying to think of something to put here, other than the grumbles of postal workers and their holidays (got postal match targets to send in! grr!) and lack of fireworks last night.  Check back in an hour or so.

Update: It's raining even harder and Caleb's rubbing it in my face.