Friday, June 11, 2010

Poor Brady Bunch...

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Wolf and ARs

So my A2 finally started acting up after a couple thousand rounds of Wolf without any serious cleaning yesterday. (Not quite as bad as this one though...)  She started failing to extract, and unfortunately my spray can of CLP in the range bag also found that it was time to run empty.  Grumbles.  Busted out the toothbrush to scrub off the bolt face a bit and did my best to squirt the last of the CLP into the chamber, followed by a couple passes of a bore snake to clean up the chamber a little (not much really though.)
Started working fine after that, although it's still quite disgusting in there, and I probably really need to scrub out the chamber with a dedicated chamber brush (had a couple stuck cases the first few shots that finally came out covered in big chunks of carbon) but it is kind of interesting to see how long it'll go, especially while being horribly abused (it's been probably 2,000 rounds since a real cleaning.  I should start tracking it...)

New Comp on the Market

Saw this over on WEVO, the BattleComp, a 5.56 muzzle brake that looks like a simplified KAC Triple Tap, and a much cheaper option at that. ($150ish)  The videos in the WEVO thread are pretty impressive, including some full-auto M4ness single-handed with little muzzle rise.

I just may need to pick one up to try out.  Pretty impressive.

Tactical Energy Drink

Perfect for washing down your Tactical Bacon.