Thursday, January 21, 2010

Not really something I'd be proud of Dave...

Just saw this on the front of yesterdays local rag, and the post title pretty much sums up my thoughts. He may have a decent "success rate," but the last I heard, his overall approval rating wasn't looking so rosy.
I am proud to say I have never voted for Mr. Obey. He has completely lost touch with his constituents, and know it, yet has no fear of losing his seat anytime soon. I can only hope something akin to Massachusetts is on the horizon.(I know there's a pretty big push against Feingold that got a big morale boost, and I think the Journal may be running an article about that today... wonder how they'll slant it.)

To add: Today's story. Looks like they're putting on a brave face, but are deep down shaken. I do wish somebody could raise enough money to put up a decent fight against Obey though.


VLTOR unveiled their Volks Suppressor (VS-1) at Shot, an affordable "people's suppressor" that they're hoping to sell somewhere between $300-400. I definitely need to figure out that trust paperwork if this is true.

(more pictures and info from Gear Scout)

Dear Magpul;

Please don't send Chris and Travis to my house in the middle of the night to slap me in the face. I am not a hippie, just lactose intolerant. But the hemp milk the coffee house has does taste really good in hot chocolate, especially after snowshoeing for a couple hours.

That is all.