Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Flash Flood Warnings...

and an 11p-7a shift.  Gonna be a fun night.

Battle Comp 1.0 Review - part II

(First bit here, with a video)

Second trip, if anything it felt even better.  Warmed up with the .22s, and having an extra set of hands there to take pictures is always nice.  Dumped a mag worth of controlled pairs downrange as fast as I could with Dan snapping away, and very little pause between pairs.  Recoil was pretty much straight back and the muzzle was easy to control.

Here's the money shot, first case hanging out in the air, second just coming out of the ejection port:

M&P15-22 Pics

Hit up the range before the eventual thunderstorm and ensuing flash-flood and tornado warnings, got a handful of pictures.

Here's Dan and his M&P15-22.  He needs some rail covers something bad.

I picked up a Primary Arms micro red dot a while back, and the dot was quite dim.  I contacted Primary Arms and they swapped it out for a new one for me and it's much better.  Just need to break down and pick up an MBUS rear at least.

It's a good set-up with the front sight on for simulating what the Army issues these days (at least my unit, that is an M4 with an Aimpoint Comp2 or Comp4.)  Still prefer the Eotech though personally.