Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Is Starbucks listening?

The cup of plain old Starbucks I got at Barnes & Noble is much better than the last cup of plain old Starbucks coffee I had back on Starbucks Appreciation Day.  Coffee may vary by location perhaps?


Anonymous said...

Greatly. I would think the brewed coffee would not but have in fact experienced what you have Fred. And fancy drinks (latte etc) forget it... I work near a Peets coffee and they're real good all around.

Fred said...

I do my best to avoid "corporate" type coffee places in general, but it's tough in a strange town. (Although I did try a couple of the local places here, but the flaky internet connections they provided were far too frustrating.)

Today's cup at the same place is back to the slightly too bitter with a dirty finish that I've grown to expect from Starbucks. Guess I just got lucky yesterday.