Thursday, July 15, 2010

More Sig 226 & 229 E2

I keep seeing search engine hits for these, so I thought I'd mention the online American Handgunner for Sep/Oct has an article on them.  I have to admit, they look kind of goofy now that I see them at some less than flattering angles.


Anonymous said...

The sig has always looked top heavy to Me, I've only shot a 239 and that was meh...

I love all steel pistols, wouldn't mind trying the 229E2 out. The article compares the grip to a Hi-Power which is my preference.


Fred said...

I certainly have nothing but good things to say about my SP2022, and I think it's definitely the better looking of the polymer options from them.

I can certainly see the allure of the E2s if you've got smaller hands though. Mine is definitely right at the top end of what I'm comfortable with for grip sizes, and I've got large-ish hands.