Monday, September 27, 2010

Madison 5 Update

From WCI:
We plan to file the federal lawsuit against Madison tomorrow.

In addition to WCI as an organization, our attorneys have suggested that our case has better standing if we add some individual WCI members as plaintiff's.

Because of the memo that the Madison Police Department issued, our attorneys maintain that there has been a chilling effect on the ability of WCI members to exercise their right to carry in Madison for fear of police harassment/unlawful detainment.

If you live or work in Madison and are concerned about getting detained/unlawfully searched/firearm seized during a non-consensual stop, please contact me asap.

Being added as a plaintiff means that you would be listed on the official complaint. You would not need to speak to media at all (in fact we would prefer you do not) but you may at some point be deposed during the lawsuit so that we can prove that Madison's unconstitutional policy of detaining people merely because they are OC'ing is infringing on people's right to carry.

Please send me an email asap if you live or work in Madison and are reluctant to carry their for fear of unlawful police contact.

Nik Clark
Chairman/President - Wisconsin Carry, Inc.

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