Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Trek 820Al-SS

Mentioned a while back that I'm slowly rebuilding a bike, and I know a couple people asked for more info.

Here's the beast in it's current state-

1999(?) Trek 820Al frame, Marzocchi Bomber air-sprung fork, TruVativ Howitzer crank and BB, TruVativ Stylo stem, a couple sets of Avid direct pull brakes, and some Vuelta wheels.  I don't like the tensioner I have on it though, the chain doesn't roll smoothly over it, destroying the point of the silent rear hub.  I did put on a pair of Crank Bros. Smarties on it after I took the photo.

Still a ways to go, but it'll be a fun beater when it's all done.  There's some alright single-track less than a mile from the new apartment, so it will get a lot of use.


Poptart said...

I gotta get a new bike... street bike tho... riding in chicago isn't much like a mountain... tho it's fun to go faster than most of the cars

Fred said...

Just gotta find the right lines. ;)


Six said...

Dude that is some black hole awesome right there. Where did you get that marzocchi fork? What gears you running?

You need to bring that bad boy and come visit me in sunny southern Utah. There's some sweet high desert trail, not to mention the slick rock.

I'll even BBQ some dead cow.

Fred said...

I got the fork back in '03 give or take. It's set up with a 38 tooth ring up front and a 16t cog in back.

If I had the cash I'd take you up on that too. I'm getting pretty sick of this winter crap.

Joe said...

Awesome! I'm rebuilding the same bike myself. Do you think bullhorn handlebars would work on the 820?