Tuesday, March 15, 2011

AR Lube Tips

From The Shooter's Log.  My only added comments are that unless you're in a complete dustbowl (like great chunks of A-stan) you really can't run it too wet.  That being said, I tend to just hit the points the article mentions with some good gun grease and blast some CLP in there when it gets gross (which is often... I hate cleaning guns.)


MauserMedic said...

Ah, beg to differ on this one. Anywhere there is sand, it can be run too wet. Basing this on being a unit armorer for a number of years.

Wisconsin and Mississippi will lock up a bolt carrier with debris from having a weapon or magazine with excess lube down on the ground. Having to extract said bolt carriers took a long time with lots of effort, which is why I remember them well. That said, I've had to teach some of my young troops here at Bagram that a bone-dry bolt carrier is not your friend either.

Fred said...

I used graphite during my time at Bagram.

But if you're using the dust cover correctly and have a mag in the magwell and are still getting dirt and crap big enough to lock up your gun inside in most environments, you've probably got a bigger problem than lube choice.