Friday, April 15, 2011

A Relevant Cause

G4 is putting together an effort to send "decent coffee" to the front lines after seeing the video that was making the rounds last week.
Everyone knows that soldiers are overseas to protect our country and our country runs on coffee (at least, according to Dunkin Donuts). Therefore, our soldiers need coffee to keep our homes safe and running!
But we can't have them suffer with bad coffee rations--and boiling up a cup of Joe in the middle of Afghanistan isn't an easy task, as you can see in the YouTube video below of Canadian soldiers demonstrating how they brew coffee in combat conditions. This makes your local Starbucks seem like the most luxurious place in the world, right?
That's why Attack of the Show is excited to launch Operation Instant Jolt where viewers like you can send in instant coffee, which we'll forward to the troops in Afghanistan. Your instant coffee donation can be sent here:
Operation Instant Jolt c/o G4TV
5850 W. 3rd St. #155 
Los Angeles, CA 90036

 We'll be accepting your instant coffee until May 1st, 2011 so get those packages in ASAP!
From my experience, even at the big places like BAF it can be difficult to find some actual quality coffee, and even worse so out in the field (no surprise there though.)

My suggestion for "instant" coffee does have to go out to the Starbucks VIA, it's easily the most convenient and trooper friendly in it's little single serving packets, and although I've been hard on Starbucks in the past, it's is easily the best tasting "instant" I've tried.

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DaddyBear said...

There's also the Cup of Joe for a Joe program at Green Beans. It doesn't get out to the troops outside of the FOB's and such, but it does provide a cup of coffee or whatever at the MRW coffee shops in the rear areas.

And ditto's on the Via. I've got a 3 pack in each of our BOB's.