Tuesday, May 3, 2011

New Black Chopper?

Defense Tech raises the question and has some photos of the alleged wreckage of the bird that "had a hard landing" during the raid and had to be destroyed in place.

Here's what's believed to be the tail rotor-

I like helicopters, and pay a bit of attention to them.  I can't think of a single bird that has a tail like that.

It seems the two best guesses are a new MH-60 variant that's heavily stealthed, which would help explain how we penetrated Pakistani airspace (the "Beast of Kandahar" may have also helped there...)  The other option is a whole new secret airframe.  I'm leaning towards the first, as the first photo that came out looks very much like an MH-60 tail section hanging over the wall.

Interesting stuff...

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