Friday, May 13, 2011

Out of the Office

I'll be a bit scarce over the next few days, running down to catch a couple Brewers games and some other stuff while we're in the neighborhood.

I was going to get some stuff down regarding the NRA "Grassroots Workshop" that took place last night, but Blogger's little hiccup kept me from writing from the event or getting to it last night while it was still fresh.  Overall, despite the "Join the NRA!!" overtones, it was a great summation of the current CCW Legislation going through Madison, and answered a lot of questions I had regarding that.  I did take a lot of notes, so come Monday I'll hopefully sum things up more.

Supposedly the missing posts from the last couple days will be popping back up soon-ish too, maybe even the one I tried to send from the meeting... who knows.

Anywho, back on Monday.

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