Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Beaver Tails


Not quite...


There it is.

Vuurwapen Blog has up a good video showing the effectiveness of the Beaver tail add-on backstrap Glock has developed for the Gen4.

It's always good to see a major company listening to the end users, and one of the largest complaints about Glocks has always been the grip angle and lack of a beaver tail.  S&W included a fantastic one on the M&P series, and I'm sure their sales also drove Glock to look into it more as well.

I like beaver tails on pistols.  Way back when 5 years ago or so...) I had the opportunity to shoot a genuine 1911.  Not a 1911A1, but the WWI issue 1911.  I've got pretty good sized hands (it comes with a 6'4"+ frame...) and it took a great big chunk out of the web of my hand with the first shot.  It hurt, but I finished off the mag before grumbling about it and going back to my Kimber with the extended beaver tail and bobbed hammer.

Bite-free living!

I believe beaver tail grips give you more control too.  They let you get your hand up higher into the gun, much along my mantra of "get as much meat on the gun as possible," and spreading out the recoil impulse over a larger area, reducing muzzle flip.

I don't think the Glock factory piece is available yet, but there's a couple other alternatives out there already, SSD mentioned this one yesterday (keep an eye out over there if you're interested.)

Don't expect to see a Glock in the G&C Armory anytime soon though.  A simple beaver tail is a long way from making me like them.  I'll stick to my M&P and SigPro for my tupperware needs.

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