Tuesday, September 6, 2011


Wolff springs showed up for the little P-64, about 10 minutes to install and reassemble the thing, and the difference is like night and day.

I went with the 18# hammer spring, right in the middle of what Wolff offers (they have 17, 18, and 19#.  For reference, the factory spring is 22#.)  The double-action pull has gone from 10% of the time I can't even pull it to not being bad at all.  Some take-up and no noticeable stacking; it feels like a heavy two-stage now.  Single action is very light with some stacking.

Being a semi-auto, the hammer spring does actually help slow the cyclic speed of the gun, so to help balance it back out, I also installed a 22# recoil spring (factory spring is 18#.)  This should help slow the slide down a bit and keep it from beating itself up too much.

Now I just need to get more 9x18...

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James said...

17# spring in mine has never given me problems. At one time I thought it was, but I realized I wasn't pushing the safety all the way forward every once in a while. This caused what appeared to be a light primer strike, but actually some of the force from the hammer went into pushing the safety all the way off. If the 18# is still a little heavy in DA, it's worth considering.

Try shooting it from rest in single action, you'll be surprised how accurate it can be for a tiny pistol with a 3.3" barrel.