Monday, October 10, 2011

"Improved" Remington ACR

Remington revealed their new version of the ACR at AUSA.

They've made it able to accept AR grips, tweaked the handguard and barrel swap system, but (I say "but" because I don't agree with this change) deleted the folding aspect of the stock.

Claimed weight reduction of 1.8 lbs, and they're planning on submitting the new version for the Army's new carbine competition.

More at SSD.


JD said...

unless they lowered the price about $1k I think I'll still pass.

Fred said...

That and put the folding option back on. Otherwise I'd just build up a comparable AR and call it a day.

Jester said...

I gotta agree with that. When I an build an AR that is comparable with out adding the additional piston assembly.. (Oh wait, the piston is on the standard bolt carrier already anyway) for about a third less for all top of the line parts, I still am not excited.