Friday, June 22, 2012

Range Photos

Fun times.  Went out to the range with Dan and another coworker yesterday to try out the micro-pistol and Dan's new toy.  It was good, aside from the sore everything.

Dan picked up a Saiga-12 (he may or may not be in the middle of reading the Monster Hunter series...)

It'll be getting a new stock sooner than later.  In the meantime, not quite my cup of tea but it still a bit of fun, and quite giggle inducing.

Dan also brought out the S&W .44mag (I'm wondering about his fascination with self punishment...)

And, on the opposite end of the spectrum, the tiny little thing pretending to be a pistol worked too.  Surprisingly accurate, despite its lack of sights (one of the few times I'm probably going to put a laser on something.)

I did come to the conclusion that with my hands, the tiny bit of concealability I loose is a worthwhile trade-off for the controlability of the finger rest extension.


Daniel said...

I like big things, goes with being a big guy in my family. Not to mention it was just suuuuper sexy! As for the stock, the replacement is on the way. The .44 mag came because its sister got lonely :-)

Steveweiser said...

Which of your recent small gun acquisitions to you prefer? The LCP or the S&W 442?

Fred said...

While I haven't had the LCP long enough to fully weigh in on it, if forced to choose, I'd go with the 442, especially with the VZ Grips on it. The LCP is tough to control.

The only issue is now that we're getting into summer, I'm starting to get some rust issues on the cylinder, cause I'm a big sweaty guy. For now I'm trying out the LCP in a Galco Tuc-n-Go to see if it works out a bit better.

James said...

Finger rest is definitely worth it on the LCP!