Thursday, June 24, 2010


Was going to link to a new scope development out of Israel, but Panera Bread's network says that The Firearm Blog is forbidden content, so no linky.
Steve, if you're reading this, be aware that you apparently strike fear into the hearts of sandwich makers.


Anonymous said...

Seriously? Hmmm...Bread not politics...I guess not!
Neat scope, Very interesting. I would have thought that light would not be affected by a breeze/air current, but that seems to be the case if I understand the technology correctly.

sobriant74 said...

The light isn't affected by the wind, it is affected by the moisture (AKA humidity) that the wind is blowing. The laser gets all wobbly going through the atmosphere. This lets you measure drift, etc and the scope can intuit where the round will end up when fired when comparing the feedback from the laser. The navy just shot down two UAV's with its first ship mounted laser weapon, only made possible through adaptive optics that help the laser overcome the affects of water in the air.
Between what the Israeli's and the Navy are doing, I expect a sub $1000 scope in about 5 years that will make long range shooting for hunting (almost) easy.

Anonymous said...

Got it, thanks for the explanation. I wonder if performance would be affected in a very dry environment? Death Valley for example...