Monday, May 2, 2011

Apex Tactical J-frame Kits

Looks like the myth of the ".38 snubby beast from Hell" is slowly being chipped away.  Caleb reports Apex Tactical announced a drop in trigger kit to smooth out the little gun's pull-
This thing completely changed the dynamic of the pull on the J-frame, instead of being super heavy and stacking towards the rear, it just rolled straight through with a clean, easy break.  It was much more like the trigger on my tuned up 625 than any J-frame trigger I’ve ever seen.
Word is they were selling them for $20 at the NRA show, I'd watch for them soon on Apex's site.  If it's anything like their M&P parts, it'll be a no-brainer to drop this into your J-frame.

ETA: Apex Press Release

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JD said...

Sweet, so going to toss one in the 360PD