Monday, May 2, 2011

Good Riddance


So after a short night's sleep (for some reason I was a bit keyed up after my shift ended at 11...) and some time for reflection on last nights announcement, I'm still giddy as a school boy with a new BMX.

The big thing; a strong reminder to the bad guys that these sheepdogs don't back off.  We get your scent, you're going down.  It may be a few years, but we don't back down.  I can only hope there's some guys holed up in caves losing even more sleep now.

The big thing in my mind, assuming it's really truly him, is what's going to happen with Pakistan.  As just about everyone with an ounce of sense has been saying, there's not a snowballs chance in Hell they didn't know he was there at some level.  If you needed more proof that Pakistan's military's got issues:  This. Is. It.  Combine that with the knowledge that he was in a relative mansion, not cramped up in some dank cave, and I know I'm less than happy with Pakistan at the moment.

I also wonder how much notice we gave them about going in, and how much "asking" for permission there was compared to just telling them.  Perhaps the prior point weighed heavily on that decision.  "You dun' effed up, and we're gonna fix it.  So sit down and shut up."

Tactically, this doesn't change a thing.  He'd been so busy hiding and so far removed that he was no longer in the approximation of a chain of command they operate with.  It is, however, a massive psychological blow to Al Qaeda, and just as massive of a morale boost to our guys and gals if facebook statuses are anything to judge from.  Just like I told Cro, keep your heads up (and don't party too much!)


Patrick said...

Agree with the we don't ever back down idea 110%. Despite what many others say about U.S, decadent, lazy, no culture, etc we tend to have at least a couple good traits. Courage(original revolution) Stubborn(same) Inventive(Airplane). Oh yes I forgot to mention not to try to demoralize us.THAT WON'T WORK!!! Surprise/Anger at Pearl Harbor led to KA-BOOOM at Hiroshima. Please excuse the rant.

Fred said...

I think a little emotion is ok given the subject. ;)