Wednesday, May 4, 2011

More Whirly Bird Stuff

Just to add to the conspiracy fun, there's a growing thread on ARFCOM in regards to the mystery tail I mentioned yesterday.

Lots of speculation and the usual ARFCOM stupidity abounds, but there's a couple mock-ups of what it could have looked like.

3D rendering of the object in the photo

There's also a possibility it was part of a Paki bird that got too close to the action.  If it is in fact a new stealthy chopper, I doubt we'll get the full story for years.  Still interesting stuff.


Anonymous said...

ARFCOM doesn't have the brainpower for those images, thus they came from Check your sources, else someone on ARFCOM is posting without giving proper credit.

Fred said...

They're all credited with links in the thread... I'm just lazy today.