Wednesday, May 4, 2011

OC Works

"I was observing the yoot as he followed us. He was close to bad breath distance, and observed Unc's openly carried Glock 30. He then noticed my Smith & Wesson J-frame, also openly carried, and that's when he veered off sharply and started walking at a pace that could be described as "brisk", except that the rate at which he left us would make "brisk" seem like a slow amble..."
It's not just a political statement.


Tam said...

It works in some situations. In some situations it might just get you shot first.

It's all a tradeoff.

I wonder how many OC'ers have ever taken any formal training in firearms retention?

("Why take retention training? Show me where an OC'ers gun has been snatched!" isn't a counter-argument. OCers are statistically insignificant, but steadily growing. By the time there are as many OC'ers in major urban areas as there are uniformed police officers, it is a near statistical certainty that it will occur. Pilot's training would have seemed pointless in 1906, too...)

Mad Saint Jack said...

Open carry in a group works.

Tam I'm a big fan of an off hand knife for retention duty.