Wednesday, May 4, 2011

WI Constitutional Carry Bill!

It has been authored and introduced for co-sponsors.  WCI says the following-
Greetings in Freedon:
Today the authoring was completed on Constitutional Carry legislation in Wisconsin from Senator Pam Galloway and Rep Jeff Mursau.
Here is the bill that has been authored.  The bill has not yet been assigned a number, it is being circulated for CO-SPONSORS.
Please contact your legislators TODAY and ask them to CO-SPONSOR the constitutional carry proposed legislation.  (I believe you can reference it by the Legislative Reference Bureau number: LRB−2007/1)
TODAY THERE WAS ALSO 2 shall-issue permit type legislation bills authored today and circulated.
These alternative bills have a myriad of fee's and other mandates to go along with them.
Here are those bills:
PLEASE contact your legislators today and ask them to support constitutional carry for Wisconsin.  Your right to carry doesn't require taxes/permits/fee's/registration/government mandated training class, etc.
Its interesting to note that the constitutional carry bill is 19 pages.  The other 2 bills which create a massive amount of new legislation/requirements/fee's/fines/permits/registration, etc are THREE TIMES as long.  Freedom really is less complex than more government isn't it?
Carry On,
Nik ClarkChairman/President - Wisconsin Carry,
That last paragraph got me.  All too true.

Overall, it's about dang time this has been introduced.  Key points of the Constitutional Carry Bill include altering and repealing the (in my opinion) unconstitutional vehicle transport restrictions, as well as altering numerous state statutes to the point that "gun" and "firearm" do not mean "handgun" (this should keep the DNR people happy with their anti-poaching mindset (the reason for the poor vehicle transport law in the first place.))  It also fixes the 1,000 foot school zone law.


Anonymous said...

Hear! Hear! Let's spread the news.
My letter:

Dear Rep. _________
Dear Sen. __________

The purpose of this letter is to encourage you to receive the support of the broad coalition of well-armed Wisconsin firearms owners by co-sponsoring LRB-11-2007/1 being circulated by Sen. Dr. Pam Galloway and Rep. Jeff Mursau.

This is the long-awaited, common sense Constitutional Carry law, which unlike LRB-11-2027/1 and LRB-11-2033/1, does not raise taxes or impose additional licensing and registrations on Wisconsin gun owners.

Wisconsin has a chance here and now to catch up with Vermont, Alaska, Wyoming, and Arizona (and soon Utah and Montana) to free up state resources to address important matters, and not to distract law enforcement resources into nannying Citizens who are plainly exercising their natural rights. With the good examples set by those several States (which, I note, have not dissolved into chaos & rioting) we avoid the abuses against Citizens observed in those many States which adopted meddlesome half-measures such as rights-permits.

Open carry of a weapon has long been recognized as lawful in Wisconsin. However, if someone merely puts on a coat, the statutes currently consider her a criminal. Law enforcement officers have more important things to worry about. Please support LRB-11-2007/1 for these common sense recognitions of our rights.

Fred said...

Thanks Anon! That's not a bad letter at all.

Jester said...

Agreed. I will be taking that and using it myself!

SeanCYoung said...

Open letter to Wausau police chief:

Mr. Hardel

I recently read the Wausau Daily Herald article about concealed carry legislation. The portion of the article below caused a spike on my bullshit meter:

Wausau Police Chief Jeff Hardel said he doesn't support concealed carry, particularly without a permit or approval process in place. People with felony convictions, a history of domestic or other violence or drug convictions shouldn't be eligible to carry a gun, he said.

"Overall, I think you'll find law enforcement doesn't support (concealed carry)," Hardel said. "But if it's going to pass, then I just think we need to have a proper system in place."

Did the reporter quote you correctly? If so, you seem to be well versed in the art of fear mongering. I especially like the implication that a concealed carry law would allow felons and those convicted of domestic violence to carry guns. I don't know if my conscience would allow me to sleep at night if I was this dishonest with the people I was hired to "protect and serve". If your quote above is any indication, I doubt that you have a conscience at all or feel any obligation towards the people you are supposed to "protect and serve".

Sean Young

Fred said...

I would also ask the chief how CCW laws would honestly affect criminals who are ineligible to own firearms in the first place.